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    Das Wetter in New Mexico - mit aktueller Wettervorhersage, Wetterradar, Unwetterwarnungen und mehr von Klimadiagramm und Klimatabelle für Albuquerque, New Mexiko, USA. Informationen über Durchschnittstemperaturen, Regentage, Sonnenstunden und . Wie wird das Wetter heute in New Mexico? Temperatur-, Wind- und Regenvorhersage, sowie aktuelle Wetterwarnungen finden Sie auf für New. Lawrence lived kostenlos kinderspiele downloaden Taos in the s, at the D. The second largest religious population in the city are eastern religions such as BuddhismSikhismand Hinduism. The local cuisine prominently features green chilewhich is widely available in restaurants, including national fast-food chains. Groundwater will constitute the remainder. Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Retrieved February 18, This page was last edited on 26 Januarymindestens einen Library of Congress Catalog Card No. Retrieved April 26, During the 21st century, the Albuquerque population has continued to grow rapidly. Archived from the sportwetten neukundenbonus ohne einzahlung on October 13, Archived from the original on May 5, Retrieved April 11,

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    New Mexico, although a large state, has very little water. The New Mexican landscape ranges from wide, rose-colored deserts to broken mesas to high, snow-capped peaks.

    The Sangre de Cristo Mountains , the southernmost part of the Rocky Mountains , run roughly north—south along the east side of the Rio Grande in the rugged, pastoral north.

    The Rio Grande is tied for the fourth-longest river in the United States. Areas managed by the National Park Service include: Visitors also frequent the surviving native pueblos of New Mexico.

    Tourists visiting these sites bring significant money to the state. Other areas of geographical and scenic interest include Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument and the Gila Wilderness in the southwest of the state.

    The climate of New Mexico is generally semiarid to arid, though areas of continental and alpine climates exist, and its territory is mostly covered by mountains, high plains, and desert.

    The two states share similar terrain, with both having plains, mountains, basins, mesas, and desert lands. In the colder months of November to March, many cities in New Mexico can have nighttime temperature lows in the teens above zero, or lower.

    New Mexico has five unique floristic zones, providing diverse sets of habitats for many plants and animals.

    The Llano Estacado or Shortgrass Prairie in the eastern part of the state is dominated by sod-forming short grasses such as blue grama , and it used to sustain bison.

    The Chihuahuan Desert extends through the south of the state and is dominated by shrubby creosote. The Colorado Plateau in the northwest corner of New Mexico is high desert with cold winters, and is characterized by sagebrush , shadescale , greasewood , and other plants adapted to the saline and seleniferous soil.

    The Apachian zone tucked into the southwestern bootheel of the state has high-calcium soil, oak woodlands , and Arizona cypress , and other plants that are not found in other parts of the state.

    Some of the native wildlife includes black bears , bighorn sheep , bobcats , cougars , coyotes , deer , elk , jackrabbits , kangaroo rats , javelina , porcupines , pronghorn antelope , roadrunners , western diamondbacks , wild turkeys , [29] [30] [31] and the endangered Mexican gray wolf and Rio Grande silvery minnow.

    The settlement of Santa Fe was established at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains , the southernmost subrange of the Rocky Mountains, around Their entire army was captured and jailed by Hispanic New Mexico militia.

    At the turn of the 19th century, the extreme northeastern part of New Mexico, north of the Canadian River and east of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, was still claimed by France, which sold it in to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

    The United States assigned this portion of New Mexico as part of the Louisiana Territory until ; that year, Louisiana was admitted as a state.

    The US then reclassified this area as part of the Missouri Territory. This region of the state along with territory that makes up present-day southeastern Colorado, the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles , and southwestern Kansas was ceded to Spain under the Adams-Onis Treaty in The independent Republic of Texas also claimed this portion of New Mexico.

    By , the Spanish population had reached 25,, but Apache and Comanche raids on Hispanic settlers were common until well into the period of U.

    This acquisition of territory and residents resulted in Mexicans legally being classified as white, since at that time, in most of the southern United States, only whites could vote.

    Nevertheless, Texas and other western states raised barriers to voting and political participation by ethnic Mexicans, including barring them from serving on juries.

    After Texas was admitted as a state to the Union, it continued to claim the northeastern portion of present-day New Mexico.

    Congress established the separate New Mexico Territory in September In , the United States acquired the mostly desert southwestern bootheel of the state and southern Arizona south of the Gila River in the Gadsden Purchase.

    It wanted to control lands needed for the right-of-way to encourage construction of a transcontinental railroad. Both Confederate and Union governments claimed ownership and territorial rights over New Mexico Territory.

    In , the Confederacy claimed the southern tract as its own Arizona Territory and waged the ambitious New Mexico Campaign in an attempt to control the American Southwest and open up access to Union California.

    However, the Confederate territorial government continued to operate out of Texas, and Confederate troops marched under the Arizona flag until the end of the war.

    In the late 19th century, the majority of officially European-descended residents in New Mexico were ethnic Mexicans, many of whom had deep roots in the area from early Spanish colonial times.

    Politically, they still controlled most of the town and county offices through area elections, and wealthy sheepherder families commanded considerable influence.

    The Anglo-Americans tended to have more ties to the territorial governor and judges, who were appointed by officials out of the region.

    The two groups struggled for power and the future of the territory. The Anglo minority was "outnumbered, but well-organized and growing".

    Congress admitted New Mexico as the 47th state in the Union on January 6, European-American settlers in the state had an uneasy relationship with the large Native American tribes, most of whose members lived on reservations at the beginning of the 20th century.

    Although Congress passed a law in that granted all Native Americans U. Their constitution said that Indians who did not pay taxes could not vote, in their interpretation disqualifying those Native Americans who lived on reservations but only the land was tax free.

    A major oil discovery in brought prosperity to the state, especially Lea County and the town of Hobbs.

    The town was named after James Hobbs, a homesteader there in Drilled to 4, feet and completed a few months later, the well produced barrels of oil per day on state land.

    During World War II , the first atomic bombs were designed and manufactured at Los Alamos , a site developed by the federal government specifically to support a high-intensity scientific effort to rapidly complete research and testing of this weapon.

    Veterans were disappointed to return and find their civil rights limited by state discrimination. In Arizona and New Mexico, veterans challenged state laws or practices prohibiting them from voting.

    In , after veteran Miguel Trujillo, Sr. Any other citizen, regardless of race, in the State of New Mexico who has not paid one cent of tax of any kind or character, if he possesses the other qualifications, may vote.

    An Indian, and only an Indian, in order to meet the qualifications to vote must have paid a tax. How you can escape the conclusion that makes a requirement with respect to an Indian as a qualification to exercise the elective franchise and does not make that requirement with respect to the member of any race is beyond me.

    New Mexico has benefited greatly from federal government spending on major military and research institutions in the state.

    In the late 20th century, Native Americans were authorized by federal law to establish gaming casinos on their reservations under certain conditions, in states which had authorized such gaming.

    Such facilities have helped tribes close to population centers to generate revenues for reinvestment in economic development and welfare of their peoples.

    In the 21st century, employment growth areas in New Mexico include microelectronics , call centers , and Indian casinos. Of the people residing in New Mexico, Island areas, or born abroad to American parent s , and 9.

    As of May 1, , 7. This classification covers people of very different cultures and histories, including descendants of Spanish colonists with deep roots in the region, and recent immigrants from a variety of nations in Latin America, each with their own cultures.

    At that time, the estimated number of persons in poverty was recorded at , The latest available data for estimate the number of persons in poverty at , Births in table do not add up, because Hispanics are counted both by their ethnicity and by their race, giving a higher overall number.

    New Mexico is a majority-minority state. The majority of Hispanics in New Mexico claim to be descendants of Spanish colonists who settled here during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

    They speak New Mexican Spanish or English at home. The state also has a large Native American population, second in percentage behind that of Alaska.

    According to the United States Census Bureau , 1. According to the United States Census , [66]: According to the U. The original state constitution of provided for a bilingual government with laws being published in both English and Spanish; [70] this requirement was renewed twice, in and Cobarrubias and Fishman therefore argue that New Mexico cannot be considered a bilingual state as not all laws are published in both languages.

    With regard to the judiciary, witnesses have the right to testify in either of the two languages, and monolingual speakers of Spanish have the same right to be considered for jury-duty as do speakers of English.

    New Mexico has three dioceses , one of which is an archdiocese: Oil and gas production, tourism, and federal government spending are important drivers of the state economy.

    State government has an elaborate system of tax credits and technical assistance to promote job growth and business investment, especially in new technologies.

    New Mexico is the third-largest crude oil and ninth-largest natural gas producer in the United States. Federal government spending is a major driver of the New Mexico economy.

    This rate of return is higher than any other state in the Union. New Mexico provides a number of economic incentives to businesses operating in the state, including various types of tax credits and tax exemptions.

    Most of the incentives are based on job creation. New Mexico law allows governments to provide land, buildings, and infrastructure to businesses to promote job creation.

    Several municipalities have imposed an Economic Development Gross Receipts Tax a form of Municipal Infrastructure GRT that is used to pay for these infrastructure improvements and for marketing their areas.

    The state provides financial incentives for film production. Since , personal income tax rates for New Mexico have ranged from 1. This resembles a sales tax but, unlike the sales taxes in many states, it applies to services as well as tangible goods.

    Normally, the provider or seller passes the tax on to the purchaser, however legal incidence and burden apply to the business, as an excise tax.

    GRT is imposed by the state and there may an additional locality component to produce a total tax rate. Property tax is imposed on real property by the state, by counties, and by school districts.

    In general, personal-use personal property is not subject to property taxation. On the other hand, property tax is levied on most business-use personal property.

    In the tax year, the average millage was about Property tax deductions are available for military veterans and heads of household.

    New Mexico has long been an important corridor for trade and migration. The builders of the ruins at Chaco Canyon also created a radiating network of roads from the mysterious settlement.

    The pre- Columbian trade with Mesoamerican cultures included northbound exotic birds, seashells and copper. Turquoise, pottery, and salt were some of the goods transported south along the Rio Grande.

    The north-south trade route later became a path for colonists with horses arriving from New Spain as well as trade and communication.

    The railroads essentially replaced the earlier trails but brought on a population boom. Early transcontinental auto trails later crossed the state bringing more migrants.

    Railroads were later supplemented or replaced by a system of highways and airports. New Mexico only has three Interstate Highways. Interstate 25 is a major vertical interstate highway starting from Las Cruces, New Mexico to the Colorado stateline near Raton.

    Interstate 40 is a major horizontal interstate highway starting from the Arizona stateline west of Gallup to the Texas stateline east from Tucumcari.

    New Mexico currently has 15 United States Highways. It runs in the same trace with I and I New Mexico has had a problem with drunk driving, but that has lessened.

    According to the Los Angeles Times , for years the state had the highest alcohol-related crash rates in the U. The automobile changed the character of New Mexico, marking the start of large-scale immigration to the state from elsewhere in the United States.

    Today, New Mexico relies heavily upon the automobile for transportation. New Mexico had 59, route miles of highway as of [update] , of which 7, receive federal aid.

    The highway traffic fatality rate was 1. As of [update] , highway bridges, or one percent, were declared "structurally deficient" or "structurally obsolete".

    It began operation on July 14, Narrow gauge railroads once connected many communities in the northern part of the state, from Farmington to Santa Fe.

    Railroad surveyors arrived in New Mexico in the s. Combined, they operate 2, route miles of railway in the state. The section of the line running south to Belen is served less frequently.

    With the rise of rail transportation many settlements grew or were founded and the territory became a tourist destination. Super Chief , the streamlined successor to the Chief ; [] Navajo , an early transcontinental tourist train; and Cavern , a through car operation connecting Clovis and Carlsbad by the early s as train 23—24 , []: Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

    No less than six daily long-distance roundtrip trains supplemented by many branch line and local trains served New Mexico in the early s.

    Declines in passenger revenue, but not necessarily ridership, prompted many railroads to turn over their passenger services in truncated form to Amtrak , a state owned enterprise.

    Amtrak, also known as the National Passenger Railroad Corporation, began operating the two extant long-distance routes in May The Sunset Limited makes stops three times a week in both directions at Lordsburg , and Deming , serving Los Angeles, New Orleans and intermediate points.

    The executive branch of government is fragmented as outlined in the state constitution. The governor appoints a cabinet that leads agencies statutorily designated under their jurisdiction.

    The judiciary is composed of the New Mexico Supreme Court and lower courts. There is also local government, consisting of counties, municipalities and special districts.

    Terms for both the Governor and Lieutenant Governor expire in January Governors serve a term of four years, and may seek re-election for one additional term limit of two terms.

    New Mexico had been considered a swing state , whose population has favored both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, but it became more of a Democratic stronghold after the presidential election of The governor is Michelle Lujan Grisham D , who succeeded Susana Martinez R on January 1, after she served two terms as governor from to Gary Johnson served as governor from to Johnson served as a Republican, but in and , he ran for President from the Libertarian Party.

    In previous presidential elections, Al Gore carried the state by votes in ; George W. Democratic strongholds in the state include the Santa Fe Area , various areas of the Albuquerque Metro Area such as the southeast and central areas, including the affluent Nob Hill neighborhood and the vicinity of the University of New Mexico , Northern and West Central New Mexico, and most of the Native American reservations, particularly the Navajo Nation.

    Republicans have traditionally had their strongholds in the eastern and southern parts of the state, the Farmington area, Rio Rancho , and the newly developed areas in the Northwest mesa.

    While registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by nearly ,, New Mexico voters have favored moderate to conservative candidates of both parties at the state and federal levels.

    On major political issues, New Mexico abolished its death penalty statute, though not retroactively, effective July 1, On March 18, , then Governor Bill Richardson signed the law abolishing the death penalty in New Mexico following the assembly and senate vote the week before, thus becoming the 15th U.

    On gun control , New Mexico arguably has some of the least restrictive firearms laws in the country. State law pre-empts all local gun control ordinances.

    Unlike states with strong gun control laws, a New Mexico resident may purchase any firearm deemed legal under federal law. There are no waiting periods under state law for picking up a firearm after it has been purchased, and there are no restrictions on magazine capacity.

    Additionally, New Mexico allows open carry of a loaded firearm without a permit, and is "shall-issue" for concealed carry permits. Before December , New Mexico law neither explicitly allowed nor prohibited same-sex marriage.

    Policy concerning the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples was determined at the county level; that is, some county clerks issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples, while others did not.

    In December , the New Mexico Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling directing all county clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, thereby making New Mexico the 17th state to recognize same-sex marriage at the statewide level.

    Due to its relatively low population, in combination with numerous federally funded research facilities, New Mexico had the highest concentration of PhD holders of any state in New Mexico has a higher concentration of persons who do not finish high school or have some college without a degree than the nation as a whole.

    For the state, The New Mexico Public Education Department oversees the operation of primary and secondary schools; individual school districts directly operate and staff said schools.

    New Mexico is one of eight states that funds college scholarships through the state lottery. With a Native American population of , in , [] New Mexico still ranks as an important center of Native American culture.

    Both the Navajo and Apache share Athabaskan origin. The Apache and some Ute live on federal reservations within the state. With 16 million acres 6,, ha , mostly in neighboring Arizona , the reservation of the Navajo Nation ranks as the largest in the United States.

    The prehistorically agricultural Pueblo Indians live in pueblos scattered throughout the state. Almost half of New Mexicans claim Hispanic origin; many are descendants of colonial settlers.

    Most of the Mexican immigrants reside in the southern part of the state. Many New Mexicans speak a unique dialect of Spanish. Because of the historical isolation of New Mexico from other speakers of the Spanish language, some of the vocabulary of New Mexican Spanish is unknown to other Spanish speakers.

    It uses numerous Native American words for local features and includes anglicized words that express American concepts and modern inventions. The earliest New Mexico artists whose work survives today are the Mimbres Indians, whose black and white pottery could be mistaken for modern art, except for the fact that it was produced before CE.

    Colonies for artists and writers thrive, and the small city teems with art galleries. In August, the city hosts the annual Santa Fe Indian Market , which is the oldest and largest juried Native American art showcase in the world.

    Performing arts include the renowned Santa Fe Opera which presents five operas in repertory each July to August, the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival held each summer, and the restored Lensic Theater a principal venue for many kinds of performances.

    Santa Fe is also home to Frogville Records , an indie record label. The National Hispanic Cultural Center has held hundreds of performing arts events, art showcases, and other events related to Spanish culture in New Mexico and worldwide in the centerpiece Roy E Disney Center for the Performing Arts or in other venues at the 53 acre facility.

    New Mexico residents and visitors alike can enjoy performing art from around the world at Popejoy Hall on the campus of the University of New Mexico.

    Popejoy Hall hosts singers, dancers, Broadway shows, other types of acts, and Shakespeare. The KiMo presents live theater and concerts as well as movies and simulcast operas.

    New Mexico holds strong to its Spanish heritage. Old Spanish traditions such zarzuelas and flamenco are popular in New Mexico. In the midth century there was a thriving Hispano school of literature and scholarship being produced in both English and Spanish.

    Among the more notable authors were: As well, writer D. Lawrence lived near Taos in the s, at the D. Lawrence Ranch , where there is a shrine said to contain his ashes.

    Silver City , in the southwestern mountains of the state, was originally a mining town, and at least one nearby mine still operates.

    It is perhaps better known now as the home of or exhibition center for large numbers of artists, visual and otherwise. New Mexico is home to several baseball teams of the Pecos League: For many years the two universities have had a rivalry often referred to as the " Rio Grande Rivalry " or the "Battle of I " in recognition of the campuses both being located along that interstate highway.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the U. For other uses, see New Mexico disambiguation. State of the United States of America.

    Deb Haaland D 2: Xochitl Torres Small D 3: List of counties in New Mexico. Territorial evolution of New Mexico. Texas annexation , U. Civil war effects in New Mexico.

    Admission to the Union and List of U. List of settlements in New Mexico by population and New Mexico locations by per capita income.

    Largest cities or towns in New Mexico Source: Economy of New Mexico. New Mexico locations by per capita income. Taxation in New Mexico.

    Bus transportation in New Mexico. List of New Mexico railroads. List of airports in New Mexico. Government of New Mexico. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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    List of high schools in New Mexico. List of colleges and universities in New Mexico. New Mexico portal United States portal. Retrieved November 4, Retrieved May 6, Retrieved December 9, Additionally, the North Valley settlement, outside the city limits, which has some expensive homes and small ranches along the Rio Grande , is located here.

    The city of Albuquerque engulfs the village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque. A small portion of the rapidly developing area on the west side of the river south of the Petroglyphs, known as the " West Mesa " or "Westside", consisting primarily of traditional residential subdivisions, also extends into this quadrant.

    The city proper is bordered on the north by the North Valley, the village of Corrales , and the city of Rio Rancho. The upscale neighborhood of Four Hills is located in the foothills of Southeast Albuquerque.

    Traditionally consisting of agricultural and rural areas and suburban neighborhoods, the Southwest quadrant comprises the south-end of Downtown Albuquerque, the Barelas neighborhood, the rapidly-growing west side, and the community of South Valley, New Mexico , often referred to as "The South Valley".

    Although the city limits of Albuquerque do not include the South Valley, the quadrant extends through it all the way to the Isleta Indian Reservation.

    Newer suburban subdivisions on the West Mesa near the southwestern city limits join homes of older construction, some dating back as far as the s.

    A new adopted development plan, the Santolina Master Plan, will extend development on the west side past th Street SW to the edge of the Rio Puerco Valley , and house , by It is unclear at this time whether the Santolina development will be annexed into the City of Albuquerque or incorporated into its own city when its development does occur.

    Albuquerque is in the northern tip of the Chihuahuan Desert, near the edge of the Colorado Plateau. Extended cloudiness is rare. The city has four distinct seasons.

    December, the coolest month, averages Spring is windy, sometimes unsettled with some rain, though spring is usually the driest part of the year in Albuquerque.

    In May, the winds tend to subside. The summer heat is relatively tolerable for most because of low humidity, except for some days during the North American Monsoon.

    Precipitation averages just under 9. On average, January is the driest month, while July and August are the wettest months, as a result of shower and thunderstorm activity produced by the North American Monsoon prevalent over the Southwestern United States.

    Albuquerque averages around 9 inches of snow per winter, and experiences several accumulating snow events each season. The city was one of several in the region experiencing a severe winter storm on December 28—30, , with locations in Albuquerque receiving between Traveling to the west, north and east of Albuquerque, one quickly rises in elevation and leaves the sheltering effect of the valley to enter a noticeably cooler and slightly wetter environment.

    Most rain occurs during the summer monsoon season also called a chubasco in Mexico , typically starting in early July and ending in mid-September.

    The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority ABCWUA has developed a water resources management strategy, which pursues conservation and the direct extraction of water from the Rio Grande for the development of a stable underground aquifer in the future.

    The aquifer of the Rio Puerco is too saline to be cost-effectively used for drinking purposes. Much of the rainwater that Albuquerque receives does not recharge its aquifer.

    It is diverted through a network of paved channels and arroyos , and emptied into the Rio Grande. Kennedy in , and completed in In the past much of this water was resold to downstream owners in Texas.

    Some water is allowed to flow through central Albuquerque, mostly to protect the endangered Rio Grande Silvery Minnow.

    Treated effluent water is recycled into the Rio Grande to the south of the city. Groundwater will constitute the remainder.

    As of the United States census of , there were , people, , households, and , families residing in the city. There were , housing units at an average density of 1, The racial makeup of the city was The ethnic makeup of the city was There were , households out of which The average household size was 2.

    The age distribution was For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were The Catholic population of Albuquerque is served by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Fe , whose administrative center is located in the city.

    Collectively, other Christian churches and organizations such as the Eastern Orthodox Church , Oriental Orthodoxy , and others make up the second largest group in the city.

    The second largest religious population in the city are eastern religions such as Buddhism , Sikhism , and Hinduism. Judaism is the second-largest non-Christian religious group in Albuquerque, followed by Islam.

    One of the major art events in the state is the summertime New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair, a non-profit show exclusively for New Mexico artists and held annually in Albuquerque since The local cuisine prominently features green chile , which is widely available in restaurants, including national fast-food chains.

    The restaurant scene of Albuquerque is quite prominent throughout the city, and local restaurants receive statewide attention, alongside several of them becoming chains throughout the state.

    It stretches from the Northeast edge of the city to the crestline of the Sandia Mountains. Hundreds of hot air balloons are able to be seen everyday.

    In addition to balloons, there is live music, arts and crafts, and food. John Gaw Meem , credited with developing and popularizing the Pueblo Revival style, was based in Santa Fe but received an important Albuquerque commission in as the architect of the University of New Mexico.

    Albuquerque boasts a unique nighttime cityscape. Many building exteriors are illuminated in vibrant colors such as green and blue.

    The Wells Fargo Building is illuminated green. The rotunda of the county courthouse is illuminated yellow, while the tops of the Bank of Albuquerque and the Bank of the West are illuminated reddish-yellow.

    Due to the nature of the soil in the Rio Grande Valley, the skyline is lower than might be expected in a city of comparable size elsewhere. Albuquerque has expanded greatly in area since the mids.

    During those years of expansion, the planning of the newer areas has considered that people drive rather than walk. The pres parts of Albuquerque are quite different in style and scale from the post s areas.

    These older areas include the North Valley, the South Valley, various neighborhoods near downtown, and Corrales. When driving along major roads in the newer sections of Albuquerque, one sees strip malls, signs, and cinderblock walls.

    The upside of this planning style is that neighborhoods are shielded from the worst of the noise and lights on the major roads.

    The downside is that it is virtually impossible to go anywhere from home without driving. According to the Trust for Public Land, Albuquerque has public parks as of , most of which are administered by the city Parks and Recreation Department.

    The total amount of parkland is The Albuquerque Isotopes are a minor league affiliate of the Colorado Rockies , having derived their name from The Simpsons season 12 episode " Hungry, Hungry Homer ", which involves the Springfield Isotopes baseball team considering relocating to Albuquerque.

    The team played at the Albuquerque Sports Stadium which was demolished to make room for the current Isotopes Park. Albuquerque is a charter city. V and a nine-member council that holds the legislative authority.

    IV The form of city government is therefore mayor-council government. The mayor is Tim Keller a former state auditor and senator, who was elected in The Mayor of Albuquerque holds a full-time paid elected position with a four-year term.

    The Albuquerque City Council is the legislative authority of the city, and has the power to adopt all ordinances, resolutions, or other legislation.

    If the mayor vetoes an item, the Council can override the veto with a vote of two-thirds of the membership of the Council.

    The investigation included tours of APD facilities and Area Commands; interviews with Albuquerque officials, APD command staff, supervisors, and police officers; a review of numerous documents; and meetings with the Albuquerque Police Officers Association, residents, community groups, and other stakeholders.

    Among several systematic problems at APD were an aggressive culture that undervalued civilian safety and discounted the importance of crisis intervention.

    Albuquerque lies at the center of the New Mexico Technology Corridor, a concentration of high-tech private companies and government institutions along the Rio Grande.

    Larger institutions whose employees contribute to the population are numerous and include Sandia National Laboratories , Kirtland Air Force Base , and the attendant contracting companies which bring highly educated workers to a somewhat isolated region.

    Intel operates a large semiconductor factory or " fab " in suburban Rio Rancho , in neighboring Sandoval County , with its attendant large capital investment.

    The solar energy and architectural-design innovator Steve Baer located his company, Zomeworks, to the region in the late s; and Los Alamos National Laboratory , Sandia , and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory cooperate here in an enterprise that began with the Manhattan Project.

    The facility closed in Forbes magazine rated Albuquerque as the best city in America for business and careers in [74] and as the 13th best out of metro areas in Albuquerque is home to the University of New Mexico , the largest public flagship university in the state.

    UNM includes a School of Medicine which was ranked in the top 50 primary care-oriented medical schools in the country. Albuquerque is also home to the following programs and non-profit schools of higher learning: Norbert College Master of Theological Studies program.

    Other state and not-for-profit institutions of higher learning have moved some of their programs into Albuquerque.

    Albuquerque Public Schools APS , one of the largest school districts in the nation, provides educational services to almost , children across the city.

    Schools within APS include both public and charter entities. Numerous accredited private preparatory schools also serve Albuquerque students.

    Accredited private schools serving students with special education needs in Albuquerque include: The New Mexico School for the Deaf runs a preschool for children with hearing impairments in Albuquerque.

    The interchange between I and I is known as the " Big I ". The Big I is the only five-level stack interchange in the state of New Mexico.

    There are six road bridges that cross the Rio Grande and serve the municipality on at least one end if not both.

    The eastern approaches of the northernmost three all pass through adjacent unincorporated areas, the Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque , or the North Valley.

    In downstream order they are:. Most freight traffic through the Central New Mexico region is processed via a much larger hub in nearby Belen, New Mexico.

    Rail Runner now connects Santa Fe , Sandoval, Bernalillo , and Valencia Counties with thirteen station stops, including three stops within Albuquerque.

    The section of the line running south to Belen is served less frequently. Albuquerque was one of two cities in New Mexico to have had electric street railways.

    The Albuquerque Traction Company assumed operation of the system in The system grew to its maximum length of 6 miles 9. In , the City of Albuquerque under the administration of Mayor Martin Chavez had planned and attempted to "fast track" the development of a "Modern Streetcar" project.

    The city and its transit department maintain a policy commitment to the streetcar project. As of [update] , the city is working on a study to develop a bus rapid transit system through the Central Ave.

    Albuquerque has a well-developed bicycle network. In , the city was reviewed as having a major up and coming bike scene in North America.

    A study by Walk Score ranked Albuquerque below average at 28th most walkable of the fifty largest U. Albuquerque is served by two airports, the larger of which is Albuquerque International Sunport.

    The Albuquerque International Sunport served 5,, passengers in It is primarily used as an air ambulance , corporate flight, military flight, training flight, charter flight , and private flight facility.

    They serve about , electricity customers statewide. New Mexico Gas Company provides natural gas services to more than , customers in the state, including the Albuquerque metro area.

    The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority is responsible for the delivery of drinking water and the treatment of wastewater.

    Albuquerque is the medical hub of New Mexico, hosting numerous state-of-the-art medical centers. The University of New Mexico Hospital is also the home of a certified advanced primary stroke center as well as the largest collection of adult and pediatric specialty and subspecialty programs in the state.

    The city is served by one major newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal , and several smaller daily and weekly papers, including the alternative Weekly Alibi.

    Albuquerque is also home to numerous radio and television stations that serve the metropolitan and outlying rural areas. Many Bugs Bunny cartoon shorts feature Bugs traveling around the world by burrowing underground; he gets lost quite often while traveling and remarks, while consulting a map, "I knew I should have made a left toin at Albukoykee.

    Some parts of the movie Pirates of the Silicon Valley were shot in Albuquerque. The biker-buddy film Wild Hogs has its opening scenes that were set in Cincinnati, Ohio but were actually filmed in and around Albuquerque.

    Albuquerque is the setting for the television shows In Plain Sight and Breaking Bad , with the latter significantly boosting tourism in the area.

    Vivian Vance , the actress who played Ethel, actually was from Albuquerque. Albuquerque has ten sister cities , as designated by Sister Cities International: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    For other uses, see Albuquerque disambiguation. City in New Mexico, United States. List of landmarks in Albuquerque and List of historic landmarks in Albuquerque.

    Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. List of tallest buildings in Albuquerque. Government of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Economy of New Mexico.

    List of middle schools in Albuquerque , List of high schools in Albuquerque , and List of colleges and universities in Albuquerque. Media in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    This article appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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