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    Ehemaliger name tallins

    ehemaliger name tallins

    Hier finden Sie zu der Kreuzworträtsel-Frage alter Name von Tallinn eine Lösung mit 5 Buchstaben. Lösungen für „ehemaliger Name von Tallinn” ➤ 1 Kreuzworträtsel-Lösungen im Überblick ✓ Anzahl der Buchstaben ✓ Sortierung nach Länge ✓ Jetzt. Ehemaliger Name von Tallinn Lösung ✚✚ Hilfe - Kreuzworträtsel Lösung im Überblick ✓ Rätsel lösen und Antworten finden sortiert nach Länge und Buchstaben.

    Tallinn, first mentioned in , received city rights in , [11] but the earliest human settlements date back 5, years. Due to its strategic location, the city became a major trade hub, especially from the 14th to the 16th century, when it grew in importance as part of the Hanseatic League.

    Often dubbed the Silicon Valley of Europe , [14] it has the highest number of startups per person in Europe [15] and is a birthplace of many international companies, including Skype.

    It is ranked as a global city and has been listed among the top 10 digital cities in the world. It was suggested that Quwri may have denoted a predecessor of the modern city.

    Колывань , which is known from East Slavic chronicles and which may have come from the Estonian mythical hero Kalev. Reval was in use until The name Tallinn a is Estonian.

    Castrum Danorum , after the Danes built the castle in place of the Estonian stronghold at Lindanisse. At first, both forms Tallinna and Tallinn were used.

    In Russian, the spelling of the name was changed from Таллинн to Таллин [36] Tallin by the Soviet authorities in the s, and this spelling is still officially sanctioned by the Russian government, while Estonian authorities have been using the spelling Таллинн in Russian-language publications since the restoration of independence.

    The form Таллин is also used in several other languages in some of the countries that emerged from the former Soviet Union.

    Due to the Russian spelling, the form Tallin is sometimes found in international publications; it is also the official form in Spanish. The comb ceramic pottery found on the site dates to about BCE and corded ware pottery c.

    Around , the first fortress was built on Tallinn Toompea. As an important port for trade between Russia and Scandinavia, it became a target for the expansion of the Teutonic Knights and the Kingdom of Denmark during the period of Northern Crusades in the beginning of the 13th century when Christianity was forcibly imposed on the local population.

    Danish rule of Tallinn and Northern Estonia started in The Danes sold Reval along with their other land possessions in northern Estonia to the Teutonic Knights in Medieval Reval enjoyed a strategic position at the crossroads of trade between Western and Northern Europe and Russia.

    The city, with a population of 8,, was very well fortified with city walls and 66 defence towers. A weather vane , the figure of an old warrior called Old Thomas , was put on top of the spire of the Tallinn Town Hall in that became the symbol for the city.

    With the start of the Protestant Reformation the German influence became even stronger as the city was converted to Lutheranism.

    In , Reval politically became a dominion of Sweden. During the Great Northern War , plague stricken Tallinn along with Swedish Estonia and Livonia capitulated to Imperial Russia in , but the local self-government institutions Magistracy of Reval and Chivalry of Estonia retained their cultural and economical autonomy within Imperial Russia as the Governorate of Estonia.

    The Magistracy of Reval was abolished in The 19th century brought industrialization of the city and the port kept its importance.

    During the last decades of the century Russification measures became stronger. On 24 February , the Independence Manifesto was proclaimed in Reval, soon to be Tallinn, followed by Imperial German occupation and a war of independence with Russia.

    Tallinn became the capital of an independent Estonia. During the Summer Olympics , the sailing then known as yachting events were held at Pirita , north-east of central Tallinn.

    In August , an independent democratic Estonian state was established and a period of quick development to a modern European capital ensued. Tallinn became the capital of a de facto independent country once again on 20 August Around Catholic churches in many towns in Estonia, including Tallinn, were pillaged as part of the Reformational fervor: Although extensively bombed by Soviet air forces during the later stages of World War II, much of the medieval Old Town still retains its charm.

    Between and it may have been the tallest building in the world. Tallinn is situated on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland , in north-western Estonia.

    Lake Harku is the second largest lake within the borders of Tallinn and its area is 1. Tallinn does not lie on a major river. The only significant river in Tallinn is Pirita River in Pirita , a city district counted as a suburb.

    A limestone cliff runs through the city. However, Toompea is not a part of the cliff, but a separate hill. The length of the coast is 46 kilometres 29 miles.

    It comprises three bigger peninsulas: The geology under the city of Tallinn is made up of rocks and sediments of different composition and age.

    Youngest are the Quaternary deposits. The material of these deposits are till , varved clay , sand , gravel and pebbles that are of glacial , marine and lacustrine origin.

    Some of the Quaternary deposits are valuable as they constitute aquifers or, as in the case of gravels and sands, are used as construction materials.

    The Quaternary deposits are the fill of valleys that are now buried. The buried valleys of Tallinn are carved into older rock likely by ancient rivers to be later modified by glaciers.

    While the valley fill is made up of Quaternary sediments the valley themselves originated from erosion that took place before the Quaternary.

    Only the upper layer of Ordovician rocks protrudes from the cover of younger deposits croping out in the Baltic Klint at the coast and at a few places inland.

    The Ordovician rocks are made up of from top to bottom of a thick layer of limestone and marlstone , then a first layer of argillite followed by first layer of sandstone and siltstone and then another layer of argillite also followed by sandstone and siltstone.

    In other places of the city hard sedimentary rock is only to be found beneath Quaternary sediments at depths reaching as much as meters below sea level.

    Underlying the sedimentary rock are the rocks of the Fennoscandian Craton including gneisses and other metamorphic rocks with volcanic rock protoliths and rapakivi granites.

    The mentioned rocks are much older than the rest Paleoproterozoic age and do not crop out anywhere in Estonia.

    Snowfall is common during the winter months. Winters are cloudy [44] and are characterized by low amounts of sunshine, ranging from only 0.

    Spring starts out cool, with freezing temperatures common in March and April but gradually becomes warmer in late May when daytime temperatures average Snowfall is common in March and can occur in April.

    The warmest month is usually July, with an average of Periods of hot weather are rare during the summer months, with only 31 days per year where the temperature reaches or exceeds Fall starts out mild, with a September average of In the latter months of fall, freezing temperatures become more common and snowfall can occur.

    Tallinn receives millimeters Tallinn has an average windspeed of 3. For local government purposes, Tallinn is subdivided into 8 administrative districts Estonian: The district governments are city institutions that fulfill, in the territory of their district, the functions assigned to them by Tallinn legislation and statutes.

    Each district government is managed by an elder Estonian: They are appointed by the city government on the nomination of the mayor and after having heard the opinion of the administrative councils.

    The function of the administrative councils is to recommend to the city government and commissions of the city council how the districts should be administered.

    The administrative districts are further divided into subdistricts or neighbourhoods Estonian: Their names and borders are officially defined.

    Currently there are 84 subdistricts in Tallinn. The population of Tallinn on 1 January was , The official language of Tallinn is Estonian.

    In , , Other spoken languages include Ukrainian , Belarusian and Finnish. Tallinn is the financial and business capital of Estonia.

    The city has a highly diversified economy with particular strengths in information technology , tourism and logistics.

    In addition to longtime functions as seaport and capital city, Tallinn has seen development of an information technology sector; in its 13 December , edition, The New York Times characterized Estonia as "a sort of Silicon Valley on the Baltic Sea".

    Skype is one of the best-known of several Estonian start-ups originating from Tallinn. Many start-ups originated from the Soviet-era Institute of Cybernetics.

    In recent years, [ when? Smaller start-up incubators like Garage48 and Game Founders have helped to provide support to teams from Estonia and around the world looking for support, development and networking opportunities.

    Most of the visitors come from Europe, though Tallinn has also become increasingly visited by tourists from Russia and the Asia-Pacific region.

    Tallinn Passenger Port is one of the busiest cruise destinations on the Baltic Sea, serving more than , cruise passengers in The Tallinn Card is a time-limited ticket to visitors.

    It allows the holder free use of public transport , free entry to many museums and other places of interest, and discounts or free gifts from shops or restaurants.

    Eesti Energia , a large oil shale to energy company, [67] has its headquarters in Tallinn. Nord Pool Spot , the largest market for electrical energy in the world, established its local office in Tallinn.

    Tallinn is the financial centre of Estonia and also a strong economic centre in the Scandinavian-Baltic region.

    Two crypto-currencies exchanges officially recognized by the Estonian government, CoinMetro [68] and DX. Exchange [69] have their headquarters in Tallinn.

    Port of Tallinn is one of the biggest ports in the Baltic sea region. There is a small fleet of oceangoing trawlers that operate out of Tallinn.

    Tallinn industries include shipbuilding, machine building, metal processing, electronics, textile manufacturing.

    Liviko , the maker of Vana Tallinn liqueur, strongly associated with the city, is based in Tallinn. The headquarters of Kalev , a confectionery company and part of the industrial conglomerate Orkla Group , is located in Lehmja , southeast of Tallinn.

    The city draws large numbers of shopping tourists from countries within the region. When new planned retail developments are completed, Tallinn will have almost 2 square metres of shopping floor space per inhabitant.

    As Estonia is already ranked third in Europe in terms of shopping center space per inhabitant, ahead of Sweden and being surpassed only by Norway and Luxembourg , it will further improve the positions of the city as the major centre of shopping.

    Tallinn is home to more than 60 museums and galleries. It features permanent exhibition that covers years of photography in Estonia. Estonian Museum of Natural Science features several seasonal and temporary themed exhibitions that provide an overview of wildlife in Estonia and around the world.

    It collects and displays heritage related to the history of medicine in Estonia. It also displays Estonian art starting from the early 18th century.

    It stores and displays about 9, works of art from the 16th to 20th centuries. Niguliste Museum currently occupies former St. Those that are interested in design and applied art may enjoy Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design collection of Estonian contemporary designs.

    It displays up to The Estonian Song Festival in Estonian: Often referred to as The Singing Nation, the Estonians have one of the biggest collections of folk songs in the world [ dubious — discuss ] [ verification needed ] , with written records of about , folk songs.

    In September , a record , people, more than a quarter of all Estonians , gathered in Tallinn for a song festival. In the festival held the European Film Awards ceremony in Tallinn.

    The traditional cuisine of Tallinn is reflecting culinary traditions of the Northern Estonia, an important role of the city as a fishing port, as well as the Baltic German influence.

    Kohvik have played a major role in a social life of the city since the 19th century, as well as bars, especially in the Kesklinn district. Marzipan industry in Tallinn has a very long history.

    In , marzipan was mentioned as a medicine under the designation of Panis Martius in the price lists of the Tallinn Town Hall Pharmacy. Boiled egg slices, mayonnaise and culinary herbs are optional extra toppings.

    Alcoholic beverages produced in the city include beers , vodkas and liqueurs , the latter such as Vana Tallinn being the most characteristic.

    Also, the number of craft beer breweries has expanded sharply in Tallinn over the last decade, entering local and regional markets.

    The eastern parts of the city, notably Pirita with Pirita Convent and Kadriorg with Kadriorg Palace districts, are also popular destinations, and the Estonian Open Air Museum in Rocca al Mare , west of the city, preserves aspects of Estonian rural culture and architecture.

    This area was once an almost separate town, heavily fortified, and has always been the seat of whatever power that has ruled Estonia.

    The hill occupies an easily defensible site overlooking the surrounding districts. This area is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe and the authorities are continuing its rehabilitation.

    Major sights include the Town Hall square Estonian: Kadriorg is 2 kilometres 1. Kadriorg Palace , the former palace of Peter the Great , built just after the Great Northern War , now houses the foreign art department of the Art Museum of Estonia , the presidential residence and the surrounding grounds include formal gardens and woodland.

    Kunstimuuseum , Art Museum , was built in and lies in Kadriorg park. This coastal district is a further 2 kilometres north-east of Kadriorg.

    The marina was built for the Moscow Olympics of , and boats can be hired on the Pirita River. Panorama of the central Town Hall Square Raekoja plats.

    The city operates a system of bus 73 lines , tram 4 lines and trolley-bus 4 lines routes to all districts. A flat-fare system is used. The ticket-system is based on prepaid RFID cards available in kiosks and post offices.

    In January , Tallinn became the first European capital to offer a fare-free service on buses, trams and trolleybuses within the city limits.

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    OUR STORY: WHAT WE HAVEN'T TOLD YOU ABOUT US In anderen Projekten Commons Wikisource Wikivoyage. Es wurden 11 Prozent der Altstadt zerstört und Tote gezählt. In der tonybet wikipedia folgenden Privatisierung richtete man die Wirtschaft nach skandinavischem Vorbild ein. Nach Umbauten juwel kostenlos spielen Es wurde als Leprosorium errichtet und nach dem Verschwinden des Aussatzes als Siechenhaus weitergeführt. Nach einer kurzen Friedensperiode, in der das Nowgoroder Handelskontor wieder 35 and ticking deutsch stream und erneut geschlossen wurde, folgte — gratis spiele casino erfolgreicher Kriegszug des Deutschen Ordens gegen Moskau, an den sich ein bis dauernder Friede anschloss. Tallinn ist die wirtschaftsstärkste Stadt in Estland. Die beiden Wasserspeier in Drachengestalt sind aus dem Statistical yearbook PDF. Hammer game city draws large numbers of shopping tourists from countries within the region. With the start of the Protestant Reformation the German influence became even casino cosmos automatenspiele aufstellung und vertrieb gmbh as the city was converted to Lutheranism. Heute ist es Sitz des Parlaments. Chief cities shown in smallcaps. Das neue Interieur ist barock. Please help improve poker um geld article by kartenspiel 17 und 4 citations to reliable sources. Explore any destination in Tallinn. Retrieved 5 November Danish rule of Tallinn and Northern Estonia pornhub casino video in

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    Das Domkapitel war mit vier Domherren ausgesprochen klein, und als Einkünfte standen ihm lediglich fromme Stiftungen und einige Dörfer in der Revaler Umgebung zur Verfügung. Eine regionale Spezialität der Stadt ist der Revaler Killo. In Rechtsfragen wandte sich die Stadt an Lübeck. Neben den ansässigen Klöstern hatten einige auswärtige Klöster Höfe in Reval. Dieses galt allerdings nicht auf dem Domberg. In der Stadt befindet sich mit der Mustamäe Suusahüppemäed eine Schanzenanlage mit vier Skisprungschanzen.

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